Our work

This site was created with the aim of knowing and connecting with Lilith’s gnosis. This way, through the Goddess, we can evolve in our spiritual journey.
Our work is carried out according to the principles and ideals of the Left Hand Path, and one of its main characteristics is being individual. This does not mean that we cannot study and learn together, but that your experiences will be entirely personal.
During the works carried out, we will connect with Lilith and receive from her teachings and directions that we need in our lives. Although our focus is, above all, spiritual, this does not exclude, in any way, aspects of our material life, after all, it is through matter that we act towards the acquisition of the Philosopher’s Stone.
However, in addition to seeking to establish a relationship with the Black Goddess through her various masks, receiving her gifts, we will also give our being to her. That is, in each practice, we will have specific moments to exalt and offer something to her. Emphasizing that the idea of ​​exaltation here mentioned is not that of the Right Hand Path, in which there is a relationship of submission between a deity and a human; but that of the Sinister Path, in which we recognize and exalt attributes of a deity, without placing ourselves as inferior or unworthy.

All people, with or without experience, are welcome to join this group. As the Path of the Dragon, the ascent of the Qliphotic Tree, is a process that must be carried out with a lot of knowledge of what one is doing, we will not approach this work directly. However, as Lilith is the serpent that guides humans in the ascent through it, we hope to receive, through her instructions and tools, what will be useful for us to accomplish this task.
It is worth mentioning that we are not any initiatory school or temple, only followers of the Dragon’s Path. Therefore, we are here to learn and grow together. There is no requirement for you to participate with us in the rituals (other than that you are committed and aware of what you are doing). However, it would be highly appreciated if you would share your post-ritual experiences with us, whether here in the comments or in private. We believe that Lilith will reveal many aspects of her to us that we do not yet know. This way, we will be able to seek to understand them and grow even more in our lives.
At least for now, the rites will be monthly, probably lasting 6 days, in each one we will explore certain aspects of the Goddess. Other things may be done in the future and new ones added, as we grow and mature. Regardless of the nature of the ritual, we will always try to divide it into 3 phases (each phase corresponding to one, two or three days). In the first phase, we will establish initial contact with the Goddess, or one of her aspects, preparing to receive her gnosis. This will come about through some specific practices and a little bit of study. In the second part, we will do the celebration itself, through which we will contact a certain mask of Lilith. In the third and final phase, we will worship and offer something to her.
The rites will be posted here and we will try, whenever possible, to follow a certain chronology. However, if you are unable to do the practices on the indicated days, either because of a problem or because you discovered this site later, you can still perform them without any problem.
May this work serve for the dissemination of Lilithian gnosis and evolution of those who, thirsty, walk the desolate roads of ignorance.
Hail Lilith!

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