The LHP- the path of Lilith

The Left Hand Path (LHP) is a very challenging route, mainly when you work directly with the forces of chaos. Here, as we connect with Lilith, we are also connecting with very ancient energies and Beings that dwell in the void of infinity.

According to the legend of the Garden of Eden, there were two trees in that garden, which were the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. By using this symbolism, we can have a better understanding about the path of darkness.

Those who work with the forces of light seek to reunite themselves with the Creative force of the universe called God, by many. With this goal in mind, they act in order to attract its light to themselves, thus dissolving their imperfections and shadow instincts. We may say they climb the Tree of Life, which is made up by ten sephiroth, or realms, that step by step, conduct men to union with God, this way becoming one with it.

On the other hand, on the Left Hand path, we do not seek union with God, but we are more ambitious, so we seek to be more than God, to go beyond it. For this reason, we do not climb the Tree of Life, but the Tree of Knowledge, which is made up of ten Qliphoth, or realms, and leads us to be above any god, so we become gods ourselves. Each one of these qliphoths is inhabited by certain Deities, and they challenge and develop certain aspects of our personalities.

By diving into the void of infinity, we are forced to face our weaknesses and problems. While on the Right Hand path, practitioners seek to attract Light to dissolve and dominate their egos, on the Left Hand path we face them face to face. Therefore, many people call it chaotic and blame it for ruining their lives. But this is not the case. All the chaos it causes is intended to make us strong, wise and independent. So, instead of neglecting these chaotic energies, we embrace them and let them guide us to refine and clean up any filth that resides in our minds and souls. This is not easy, so few can accomplish it. But here struggle is always followed by great rewards.

Lilith and Lucifer are known to be the guides on this path. While Lucifer dwells in last Qlipha, or realm, Lilith dwells in the first one, being herself the guide who leads us through the entire journey, helping us to reach godhood.

As you work with us, you should expect to connect with Lilith and receive her gnosis. However, this has a price to be paid. You will need to reconsider your values, to face your weakness, and experience great disruption in your life. But as mentioned above, this is all for the good, for the betterment and refinement of yourself. As you work with every aspect of Lilith, you will have the chance to invoke the Goddess and her chaotic forces into your life and experience whatever she thinks you need to. Be open to letting her guide you and you will be reborn as a new being.

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