FIRST WORK- Lilith, the Serpent

Start: April 14th, 2022

End: April 19th, 2022

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            According to many sources, Lilith was the serpent of the Garden of Eden myth. Instead of Satan, Lilith was probably the serpent who tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, which would open her and her husband’s eyes, so they would be like God.

            If we consider this myth from a magical perspective, the Tree of Knowledge is the same as the Tree of Qliphoth, which has Lilith as its guide. Also, it is correlated to the Kundalini and its awakening process which is said to occur through its ascent along the spine. The forbidden fruit is knowledge itself. When the serpent promises that “your eyes shall open and you will become like god”, it is making a real promise. Since we receive mystical knowledge, our spiritual eyes really open, and we start to see the world from a different perspective, and things before hidden to us become clear and obvious. Those who possess this type of knowledge, through successive ascent in the Tree of Knowledge/Qliphoth, really become gods, controlling themselves and the universe.

            Lilith is who guides us through the whole process of the ascension of the soul. When we climb the Tree of Knowledge, also called Tree of Death, -because it really kills the old being-, we get transformed and start gaining magical powers. It is not an easy process, and pain must be expected to be felt, since we totally deconstruct our beings, but this is all necessary if one wants to become a god, in all its potential. When this happens, we leave the Garden of Eden, that is, the world of illusion and submission, and start facing the world and changing it by ourselves. A great disruption happens in our lives, and we break with old traditions and things that keep us imprisoned and limited.

What you should expected by doing this work

You should expect, above all, two things from the serpent: new knowledge and insights, and the break of old patterns. Be sure that during the whole month, not only the six days, the Goddess will give you useful information that you need to transform your life. Also expect to experience some sort of disruption. You will probably face situations in which you will get free from situations, relationships, ideologies, and many other things that do not suffice you anymore, that are not good and cause you harm, frustration, and any other types of limitations. When this happens, don’t get desperate, but embrace the chaos, because it will be happening for the good.

NOTE 1: Be aware that is very common that people working with the forces of chaos experience certain feelings, such as depression, sadness, anger, and discouragement. This is normal since we are in contact with strong energies that influence our subconscious mind, affecting our emotions. However, if for any reason, you think you cannot endure certain situations, or if you tend to be depressed or have suicide thoughts, take a break from the practices and return on a later time. It’s better to slow down than to get lost. But this shouldn’t be used as an excuse to procrastinate.

NOTE 2: Some people fear they might contact undesired beings or be tricked by their minds. This is a possibility. To avoid the first situation, you should perform the ritual assured that you will be contacting Lilith and only her, this way, you don’t open portals in your subconscious mind to other beings. In the second case, simply avoid thoughts that anticipate what might happen during the ritual. Be positive and expectant of good things, but this should be all.


This ritual will last for six days in which we will be contacting the Lilith serpent archetype and receive her gnosis. Below, you find details about the whole work:

Day 1 and 2

On the first two days, you should attract the Goddess attention and establish the first contact with her Serpent archetype.


Start reciting the mantra Marag Ama Lilith Rimog Samalo Naamah, eleven or thirteen times. Then, proceed with the invocation:

“Oh Great Serpent, who tempts humanity to become its own god. Great Being who freed mankind from the shadows of ignorance and slavery. I invoke your supreme and incomparable presence.

May you come and teach the path through which I should walk. Guide me through the ascent of my soul in the Tree of Knowledge, where you are the Queen and the Goddess, honored and respected.

I invoke you, Great Serpent, come and enfold my soul, so my eyes will open and I will contemplate the mysteries of your face. Assist me to walk through this path and to fly freely to build my own kingdom, where my head will be adorned with the Crown of Life.

Lamia, serpens magne, veni et reple animam venenum tuo (6x)”


By the simple intent of establishing contact with a deity, you open portals to the other side. If you do this consciously and persistently, the results will be even more astonishing. For this reason, you should take some time during these two days to study a little bit about this mask of Lilith, the archetype of the serpent. Below, you find some posts which you should read attentively. You also find a recommended book, which is totally optional, but that you will certainly add a lot to your life.

Lilith correlation to the serpent:

The Serpent archetype:

About the Kundalini

Recommended reading

Lilith: Dark Feminine Archetype, by Asenath Mason 

NOTE: Be aware that you will find many symbols in the articles you read, thus you should not take everything literally. You are encouraged to do further research on the subject. Also feel free to contact us and start a discussion in the comments section.

Day 3, 4 and 5

On the following three days, you will be doing the work itself. The process will be very simple, but don’t think this means it is not effective. You will achieve results not through a complex work, but through your focus and real will to connect with the Goddess.

-Find a place where you can relax and quiet your mind. Ideally, you should meditate for about 10 minutes to quiet down your mind. If you want, you may light a candle, red or black. You may also set an altar, but these are all optional.

After relaxing, perform a short kundalini meditation since this will raise your energetic level and will open your consciousness to receive Lilith gnosis.

Kundalini Meditation

Visualize a fiery serpent coiled in your root chakra (between the anus and the genitals). See it setting the area on fire. You visualize flames burning on it. After some seconds, visualize the serpent climbing through your spine and setting each chakra on fire (the second chakra is located below your bellybutton; the third is in the stomach area; the fourth, on the chest; the fifth, in the throat; the sixth, between your eyebrows; the seventh, on the top of your head).

When you finish, focus on the energy within and around you, and proceed to the ritual.

-Recite the following mantra for a while until you feel the Goddess presence: Marag Ama Lilith Rimog Samalo Naamah. If you don’t feel anything after 5 minutes, what is perfectly normal, you can stop.

Visualize many people around you, these will be us and everyone else working on this ritual. You may visualize them as shadows or as ordinary people. Desire to connect with them and form a circle of power which will empower our works, Lilith egregore, and spread her name to the world.

Now, look at the sigil of Lilith (image below). Focus on its shape for a while, then simple gaze at it, letting it sink into your subconscious mind. After a while, still looking at the sigil, start reciting the mantra again, eleven or thirteen times will be enough, but feel free to repeat more if you feel you need to.

At this point, you should be feeling energies all around you. Usually, Lilith energies are felt like heavy and consistent, but each person may have a different experience, and that’s fine. If you don’t feel anything, don’t worry, this happens more often that you might think. If you did the ritual as instructed, you were heard by the Goddess.

After this, simply close your eyes and envision the Great Serpent coiled in a dry and dark tree. Then, you see a dark hole at the base of the tree, which you approach and enter it (if you have problems to visualize, simply know these things are there. It will work the same way). From this moment on, you may have visions, hear things or receive messages and insights from the Goddess. Let it happens naturally.

Finish the ritual by thanking her for being present, even if you didn’t feel it.

Repeat the same procedures for the days 4 and 5.

Day 6

On this day, you will simply honor and thank Lilith. Since this archetype, as mentioned, is connected to knowledge and the break of barriers, we will be offering something of this type to Lilith. Our offer will be an experience. Basically, you will offer your sensation to her.

On this day, or later, you should start pursuing any type of knowledge (whatever this may mean to you) that will help you in your life. It may be learning a new language, reading an article, watching a lecture etc. Ideally, something that you really want and is important to you. The second option is to do something that you need to do and will have a positive impact on your life. This may be saying something to someone that you really need, breaking a relationship, starting a new project, or anything that requires some degree of courage.

Well, and how may you offer something like this to Lilith? First, be aware that the act itself will probably please her since you are following her gnosis. Now, about the method you should use, it is very simple. When doing what you decided to do, focus on the Goddess and desire to offer that experience to her in her honor. After starting or finishing the action, when you feel, whatever it might be -a sense of commitment, energy, eagerness, happiness, expectation, etc.-, you think of Lilith and offer that feeling to her.

Regardless of what you plan to do, on this sixth day, thank Lilith for being with you and for all the help she will provide in your life. You may do anything else you want, like reciting a praise, lightning a candle, etc. Just keep in mind that in the Left Hand Path, we don’t adore the deities from a submissive position, but we highlight and praise their qualities.

Expect to receive the effects of this work for the days that will follow, mainly the next 24 days until we start a new work with a new mask of Lilith. But the effects of anything we do on this path uses to last for as long as it is necessary for us to achieve our goals.


You should write down all your experiences. This will help you to get to know Lilith and learn some new things. You should write about visions, insights, ideas, and results in your practical life. Since we believe that Lilith has many other aspects still hidden from us and that she may reveal them to you, we would highly appreciate if you shared your report with us. You don’t need to include personal details if you don’t want. You can send your report by emailing us or leaving a comment below whenever you feel like doing it.

Around 5 days after we finish the work, it will be posted here on the site a summary of the experiences based on the reports received, this way, you can use it to validate your own experiences. A new post will be added to the RITUALS section called “First Work Report”.

Next steps: each month, a new work will be released, probably around the 14th day. Expect to receive all the information around the first five days of each month. Everything will be posted here on the site. Be sure to check the RITUALS option (click here) on the Home Page. Meanwhile, other things may be posted as it’s necessary and as we grow.

Understand our work here.

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Image: by Thomas LeRoy, Founder of The Sect of the Horned God Lilith’s

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