Money magick is very amazing. Even though, there are many reasons why you have or don’t have money (such as limiting beliefs, unconscious resistence, attachment, fear, etc.), you can still use money magick to help you out. The magick you find below is very simple and it’s not aimed at changing your financial life direclty, but to help you to get a specific amount. Be aware, and THAT’S CRUCIAL, that magick assists you to get what is out of reach and not what is impossible. For this reason, be sure to ask the demon for an amount that is just out of reach at this moment of your life. For example, if you earn two thousands dollars per month, you may get something around this same amount. Don’t ask for a million dollars because you won’t get it (not using this magick). If you want to change your financial life, you should use a long-term magick aimed directly at this.

We are going to use a method called Pathworking to contact Diopes, the demon who can help you to get money. You will visualize some images and that is all. If you can’t visualize, simply think of the scene and it will work any way. We give the credits for this magick to The Order of Unveiled Faces (Book: Lucifer and the hidden demons).

You will get in touch with Lucifer, Asmodi, Magoth, and finally, Diopes.

Close your eyes, relax and empty your mind. When you feel relaxed, you can start. You are going to visit Lucifer in his realm. Think you are in a desert covered with rocks. You see mountains on the horizon. Now, you are standing at the base of the mountains. There, you see a black tree with its bark scorched. You see silver flowing out from its green bud. Liquid metal runs down twigs and branches, hardening around the root of the tree like glittering ice.

You are now in the presence of Lucifer. You may feel or not his presence, and that’s ok. Say or think his name, then ask: “Lucifer, I ask your permission to talk to Asmodi, Magoth and Diopes, please”. Visualize the rocky desert again, and proceed to contact Asmodi and Magoth.

Asmodi: You see an iron chain hanging between two trees. The sky above flashes with silent lightening. You contemplate three trees blooming with white blossoms in a field of dead grass.

You are in the presence of Asmodi. Ask him, “Asmodi, please, give me permission to talk to Diopes”. So, visualize the iron chain hanging between the trees, again.

Magoth: You see a circle of fire surrounding a standing stone. An old naked man points at the ground. You see a full moon over a still, black lake.

You say, “Magoth, allow me to talk to Diopes, please”. Then, see the circle of fire surrounding the standing stone, again, and proceed to the final step to contact Diopes.

Diopes: “You see lightning from a blue sky, over a field of wheat. Through a frosted grass, you see wet green footprints. Now, you are standing at the base of a small hill that is surrounded by a wall of black bricks.

You finally meet Diopes. Be very succinct and express your desire in a sentence. You don’t need to explain it the reasons why you want the money, neither establish a date when it should manifest, since this limits the magick (unless it is necessary). Simply say, “Diopes, I ask you (say how much you want), please”. For example: “Diopes, I ask 500 hundred dollars, please”.

That’s all. Thank Diopes and the other demons, and your magick is complete. From now on, you shouldn’t be thinking of the magick, neither be desperate for the money. If you feel very anxious or in doubt, say to yourself, “Diopes is already working in my favor”.

Doubts, anxiety and desperation use to create some blocks in your mind which impede the results to manifest. So be very wise. Sometimes, magick works very fast, other times it takes a bit longer. Try to be patient. Also be aware that sometimes the amount you want may come in parts, little by little. If after a month or two, depending on the amount you asked for, you don’t receive the money, repeat the operation asking for fewer money, and increase it over time in future rituals.

When your desire comes true, focus on the joy you will be feeling, think of Diopes and say in your mind or out loud, “Thanks, Diopes“. It’s not necessary to do anything else.

NOTE: you may visualize each scene for as long as you want, but something around 10 seconds will be enough.

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