Report- first work

Here is a summary of the experiences felt by some practitioners during the first work according to some reports received.

During the ritual, mainly during the recitation of the mantra, strong energies were felt. The atmosphere around was felt as heavy and energized. Some people experienced goosebumps (which is very common to feel when a place is energized).

What also seemed to be frequent were visions of natural landscapes, sometimes seen as a beautiful green place, sometimes as a dry and dead one. Of course that the first place is related to the Garden of Eden, which means that those who saw it were connecting with the most primitive and raw aspects of Lilith. About the second vision, it is related to the second stage in the spiritual process, humans after the fall or Lilith herself crossing the desert. In this case, those who experienced this connected themselves with the current aspect of Lilith. Both experiences are valid and good.

Some people also saw Lilith before themselves as a beautiful and sensual woman. She had serpentine aspects, such as snake tongue and eyes. This is for sure a confirmation that they were in contact with Lilith, the Serpent.

Last but not least, after the six days were over, many practitioners felt a strong desire to learn something new or motivation to start studying something they had been procrastinating. This is another confirmation of the influences of Lilith as the Serpent, since she inspires us to learn new things in order to achieve wisdom.

I hope this report helps you to validate your own experiences. But be aware that if you experienced different things this is also valid. If it seems you haven’t experienced anything, don’t worry, sometimes things happen in your subconscious mind, little by little, you will start feeling yourself different.

See you in the second work which will take place in May around the 14th day.

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