Second work: Lilith, Queen of Sitra Ahra

Official date: from May 14th to 19th (or 15th to 20th for those more to the East). But it can be performed at any other time.

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In this work, we will be connecting with Lilith as the Queen of Sitra Ahra. According to the myth of Lilith, after leaving the Garden of Eden, Lilith went to the desert of the Red Sea where she met with Demons and became a Demoness herself. If you are new here, first perform the First Work (click HERE to find it). Take a break of, at least, 10 days, so that you experience its influences, then come back here and proceed to this second work.

This work will inflame the Dark Flame within yourself, work on the opening/improvement of your third eye and spiritual consciousness, connect you with your Shadow and prepare yourself to the future entrance to Sitra Ahra and the first initiation (which we will be doing next work).


Day 1

On this day, you will get to know our Astral Temple, meet  a Familiar spirit coming from Lilith, and meet Lilith herself in order to receive her teachings. This means, we don’t have any reading recommendations this time, Lilith herself will tell you what you need to do.

About our Familiar, it is called MAFUS and it will protect our Astral Temple as well as empower our works and work on awakening our consciousnesses. It is a real spirit from Lilith’s realm. Don’t worry about it being a succubus or incubus which would suck your vital energies. It doesn’t work like this. When we work with them consciously, they help us to achieve a sexual transmutation level, consequently releasing and improving our consciousness. That’s what or familiar will be doing for us. Let’s head to the ritual.

Step 1: Relax, empty your mind, and perform a kundalini meditation as instructed in the first work. If you have problems to visualize anything, simply repeat the instructions in your mind as simple phrases, and it will work anyway.

Visualize you are walking through a dust road. At its end, you see a castle. It is white, it has two towers, one on the left and another on the right. Their tops are red. Its central part also has a tower format and a red top, but its larger and taller.

You approach its gate which is guarded by our familiar.  You see it as a huge snake, it has the size of a human. You say, “Mafus, sha vahah catrah” (3 times)”. As you do this, you hear the snake saying, “Paltry mortal, what do you do here?”. You answer, “I seek immortality from the uncreated Lady”. It says, “So join me in a sexual intercourse and I will give you what is necessary to approach the Great Mother”. From this moment on, you start masturbating until you reach orgasm. As you masturbate, you visualize a fiery serpent climbing through your spine. At the point of orgasm, the fiery serpent explodes in your third eye.

At this moment, the gate is opened and you see yourself in the Temple. The walls in front of you and the one on your left are white. But on your right, there is no wall, instead you see only darkness. The Temple has no roof either, instead you see the black universe full of brilliant stars. You seat looking to the darkness on the right side.

Step 2: Start reciting the following mantra until you start feeling the presence of the Queen: Renich viasa avage lillith lirach.

Step 3: Visualize in front of you a Void, a black hole inside the Great Darkness you see in front of you. It is small, but little by little it starts growing until it is a huge black hole in front of you. This is the portal to Sitra Ahra, the kingdom of Lilith and all the Black Gods, mistakenly known as Hell. This time you are not crossing it to the Other Side, Lilith will cross it to meet you. So, see the Goddess coming out of the black hole. Then, ask her to give you any message or teaching she thinks you may need. Be aware that for some people the message may come at a later time. So if you don’t hear or see anything, don’t worry.

Step 4: When you feel the ritual is over, thank Lilith and see her entering the void and departing.

Days 2, 3, 4 and 5

The first three steps are the same as for the first day, but from the second day on, we will advance much more.

As in the previous day, go to our Astral Temple and follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

Step 4: Now, see the Goddess approaching you until she is face to face with you. Then, you see she has a very big snake tongue which she starts putting inside your mouth until your throat. At this moment, she pours her venom inside you, six drops of it. Feel the venom going down your throat to the very core of your being.

Step 5: Now, visualize a dark red flame inside your solar plexus region. It starts growing until it involves your whole being. You are now a dark red flame. Feel this energy, it is your dark essence manifesting.

Step 6: After a while, you open your astral eyes. Lilith is holding a black medium size mirror. When you look at it, you see yourself. But it is your Higher Self, your Shadow. You are exactly as you are now, but your eyes are totally black, your skin perfectly beautiful, and your clothes are all black. You feel an air of superiority, wholeness, and perfection. Desire to connect with this image of your Shadow and feel this connection.

Step 7: When you feel ready, draw your attention back to Lilith. She kisses you in your third eye (which is between your physical eyes). As she does this, you feel it pulsating. Then, she enters the void and goes back to Sitra Ahra. Focusing on the Void/Black hole, you see it starts changing its shape. After some seconds, it is not a black hole anymore, but the sigil of Lilith, which is big and powerful in front of you (this is the sigil at the bottom of the page. You should memorize it before the ritual. If you can’t, leave it in front of you, and look at it for a while, close your eyes and continue with the visualization).

You feel one with the sigil. It awakens and empower your essence. Feel this for a while, then open your eyes and the ritual is over. Write down everything you experienced.

Day 6

Time to give an offer to Lilith. Here you will be offering a little bit of your blood to the Goddess. DON’T PANIC! You just need to offer two or three tiny drops. You don’t need to feel any pain, simply use a diabetic lancet, a razor or any other sharp object which you can use to punch your finger (any one). You also need the sigil of Lilith (print it or draw it in a piece of paper).

Step 1: Go to the Astral Temple. As in the previous day, visualize the black hole in front of you and Lilith coming out of it. When the Goddess manifests before you, thank her for being with you these days and ask her to continue guiding you. Then, take her sigil, pour two or three drops of your blood on it and burn it. As it burns, visualize a red line leaving it and entering Lilith’s body. She is receiving your offer. When you finish, say anything else you might want to her and see her going to void and disappearing. Open your eyes and the ritual is over. Write down your experiences and, if possible, send it to us (

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Be open to changes. In 5 days after the ritual, a report will be posted here on the Ritual options in the Home Page. In the third ritual, we will be entering Sitra Ahra and take our first initiation in the Dark Mysteries. This will take place around the 14th of June. Hope to see you here. If you want to be always reminded of the beginning of each ritual, leave your email by clicking HERE, if you already did it, it is not necessary to do again.

NOTE: you can go to the Astral Temple whenever you want. It can be your place to study and meditate. Simply follow the steps to enter it. You can also work with other Dark Gods/Demons/Spirits there. In this case, the only thing you need to do is visualize Lilith coming out of the void and ask her permission to talk to the other being. After this, visualize the God/Demon coming out of the void, as well. When the ritual is over, see the God/Demon departing through the void, then thank Lilith and see her departing, too. In summary, she needs to be the first and the last in the Temple.

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