Third ritual: Entering Sitra Ahra

DATE: July, 2022

NOTE: from now on, I am not going to set specific days to perform the rituals. But be aware that you should perform them for six days in a row taking, at least, a 15 days break between each practice.

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In this ritual, we are going to enter Sitra Ahra, popular known as Hell. This place is the realm of the Black Gods. By entering it, you are going to start a new journey in your life towards your enlightenment. You should expect this ritual to be a moment of connection with the Dark Gods, mainly Lilith, in which you are going to experience their gnosis. This is also a previous preparation for what will come in the next rituals, including an initiation.

Previously, we connected with Lilith by inviting her to our Astral Temple. This time, she is inviting us to her Realm.

To perform this ritual, you are going to follow almost the same steps as for the Second Work (which you find by clicking HERE). The only difference is that, this time, we are not going to use any sigil. Also, when you visualize the void in front of you, you do not see Lilith coming out of it, by you enter it. In summary, this is what you need to do:

Step 1: Perform the Kundalini meditation.

Step 2: Go to the Astral Temple.

Step 3: Recite the mantra Renich viasa avage lillith lirach until you feel the Goddess presence.

Step 4: Visualize a Black Void in front of you. Feel it pulsating, at the same time that your third eye also starts pulsating. Desire to connect with Lilith and the other Dark Gods. Then, say, “From Lilith to Samael, I am one with Sitra Ahra”. So, get up and enter the void.

From now on, the experiences will be totally personal. Be open to what Lilith has to say to you. It is very likely that you will also meet other Gods. Please, welcome them. They never show up without a purpose.

Repeat this for 6 days in a row. On the 6th day, thank the Gods and Lilith. Thank them by saying words from your heart. Show them you want to follow their path and that you are willing to help them in the Great Work.

NOTE: every time you enter Sitra Ahra, simply be open to any type of experience. When you feel it is time to finish the ritual, thank Lilith and any other entity that approached you and open your eyes.

OUR NEX WORK WILL TAKE PLACE IN JULY. Please, share this with your friends who want to follow this path.

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