Fourth work: going through the Tree of Death and preparation to initiation

Date: you should perform this work for eleven consecutive days at any time in July or whenever you see this post. If you cannot follow the eleven days in a row (for any reason out of your control), continue as soon as possible.

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This work will be a little different from the previous three ones. This time, we will be preparing ourselves to take an initiation with Lilith and the Qliphotic Realms. Congratulations! You will start a new journey in your life. Through the initiation, you are “officially” received as an adept of the Dark Path by the Draconian Gods, including Lilith, who is our Patron Goddess.

In the first work, we connected with Lilith and her serpentine aspect. In the second, we invited here to come to us, to our material world. In the third ritual, we went to Sitra Ahra, to the Realm of Lilith and all Draconian Gods and Goddess.

Now, before you dive deeply into this realm, we need to go through and initiation, the first one. This process attunes ourselves to the path and gives us a “mark” which officializes us as Adepts of the Dark Path, opening certain channels in ourselves and taking us close to the Gods.

However, as you may already have heard, those who follow the Dark path are used to face many and hard challenges in their lives. This happens not because the Entities want to make us suffer, but basically for they make us face and destroy our problems. Surely, at certain moments of your journey, you will be led to face your monsters face to face. The bad news is that this usually is followed by disruption and pain; the good news is that, once you overcome them, you are free and stronger. This is the hardest path, but the most rewarding one is, as well.

Well, but more about the initiation will be said next month. For now, all you need to do is prepare yourself to it. By preparing yourself I mean building a strong(er) connection with Lilith, getting to know each of the Tree of Death “branches/realms” and allowing the Goddess to open your channels and everything else needed to start your new journey.


For eleven days, you will be introduced to some Dark Gods, by Lilith. You will get a glimpse of each Qlipha as well as get closer to the Goddess.

Day 1

After relaxing, making the Kundalini meditation and going to our Astral Temple (see the step by step HERE), visualize Lilith in front of you. If you have problems to visualize, simply know she is in front of you, it will work anyway. She is a young woman, black haired, her eyes are dark red; she has vampire teeth and she is naked. Her skin is white. Feel her presence and desire to connect with her.

After this, she tells you, “Let me introduce you Naamah, Goddess of the Lilith qlipha”. You may or may not see Naamah, but try to connect with her. Then, repeat LILITH 11 times and NAAMAH, 11 times. You should repeat these names slowly in a whispered voice. When you finish, Naamah gives you a chalice filled with a red drink, which you drink. This is her essence which is now inside you.

You are connecting yourself with Naamah and the Lilith realm (Lilith is both the name of the Goddess and of the first realm in the Tree of Death).

Day 2

Repeat the same process as before, however, this time Lilith introduces you to her Old face, that is, to Mother Lilith, Lilith, the Old; the One who is wise and cares for her children. You connect with her by repeating GAMALIEL 11 times, then OLD LILITH, more 11 times, both in a whispered voice. At the end, Old Lilith gives you a chalice and you drink its sacrament.

You are connecting yourself with Lilith and the Gamaliel qlipha.

Day 3

After repeating the same steps of the previous days, Lilith introduces you to Adramelech. You repeat SAMAEL 11 times and ADRAMELECH more 11 times in whispered voice. Then, Adramelech, the Peacock God, gives you his chalice and you drink its sacrament.

You are connecting with Adramelech and the Samael qlipha.

Day 4

After following the basic steps, Lilith introduces you to Tubal Cain. You repeat A’ARAB ZARAQ 11 times, then TUBAL CAIN more 11 times in a whispered voice. After this, Tubal Cain gives you his chalice and you drink from it.

You are connecting yourself with Tubal Cain and the A’arab Zaraq qlipha.

Day 5

Follow the basic steps, then see Lilith introducing you to Sorath, the AntiChrist, God of the Black Sun, and Belphegor. You repeat THAGIRION 11 times, followed by SORATH, 11 times, then BELPHEGOR more 11 times in a whispered voice.

When it is over, you see both Sorath and Belphegor giving you their chalices and you drink from both.

You are connecting with Sorath and Belphegor and the Thagirion qlipha.

Day 6

After the basic steps, Lilith introduces you to Asmodeus. You repeat GOLACHAB [you can pronounce it as Golahab, if you want] 11 times, then ASMODEUS 11 times in a whispered voiced.

Asmodeus gives you his chalice and you drink from it. You are connecting with Asmodeus and the Golachab qlipha.

Day 7

Repeat the basic steps, then see Lilith introducing you to Astaroth. You repeat GHA’AGSHEBLAH 11 times followed by ASTAROTH more 11 times in a whispered voice. Then, Astaroth gives you her chalice and you drink from it.

P.S= Astaroth here is identified as the Goddess Ishtar or Inanna. So if you prefer, you can replace the name Astaroth for one of these two.

You are connecting with Astaroth/Ishtar and the Gha’agsheblah realm.

Day 8

Repeat the basic steps. This time, you will be connecting with Daath, the Void, which is present both in the Tree of Life and the Tree of Death. At this point, Light and Darkness are balanced. Daath is guarded by Choronzon and Shugal, and it is also connected with Babalon.

After you visualize Lilith, visualize a black void on her chest. You enter it. In complete darkness, you see your right side made of a beautiful white light, and your left made of dense darkness. You focus on your Crown chacra (which is on the top of your head) and feel balanced, you are in harmony with yourself, the Universe and all that exists. If you can’t visualize, think of all this and know it is real.

Then, you say, “Choronzon, balance Light within myself; Shugal, balance Darkness within myself; Babalon, guide me through the Middle Path. For I am a child of Lilith, may this be done”.

You leave the Void. You visualize Lilith again, but this time she has a white ball of Light on her right hand and a dark ball of Darkness on her left hand. You see some light emerging from the top of her head, it is partially black, partially white, all mixed. She puts both lights in your heart. As she does so, you also see and feel a black and white light emerging and immersing from and to your Crown chackra and your whole being. You should feel balanced and harmonized.

Then, Lilith shows you her snake tongue which she puts inside your mouth and drips three drops of her poison inside you. The ritual is sealed and over.

Day 9

After proceeding with the basic steps, Lilith introduces you to Lucifuge Rofocale and Arachne, The Spider Goddess. You repeat SATARIEL 11 times, then LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE 11 times and ARACHNE more 11 times in a whispered voice. At the end, Lucifuge gives you his chalice and Arachne hers, and you drink from them.

You are connecting with Lucifuge, Arachne, and the Satariel qlipha.

Day 10

After you follow the basic steps, Lilith introduces you to Beelzebub. You repeat GHAGIEL 11 times and BEELZEBUB more 11 times in a whispered voice. When it is over, Beelzebub gives you his chalice and you drink from it.

You are connecting with Beelzebub and the Ghagiel qlipha.

Day 11

After you proceed with the basic steps, you visualize two thrones surrounded by fire. On the right throne, you visualize a beautiful man, he is Samael or Lucifer, as you prefer to call him. He may appear to you as a black man or a blonde one. On the left throne, you see Lilith, she is now as a Queen. They are the mystical couple, Yin and Yang. You have reached the realm in which humans receive what was promised by the Serpent: Godhood. You will feel a glimpse of this realm.

Talk to Lilith and Samael (I prefer to call him, Samael, but you can call him Lucifer or Satan. Choose the name that is most meaningful to you). You should ask their directions and tell them about your interest in the initiation. Talk to them about anything you feel like saying.

When you finish, repeat THAUMIEL 11 times, SATAN 11 times and MOLOCH 11 times in a whispered voice. You see Samael and Lilith both giving you a chalice. You drink from both.

Later on when you go to bed, visualize Samael and Lilith on their thrones again, exactly as you saw them earlier. Sleep with this image in mind and desire to connect with them in your dreams. Pay attention to the dreams you have this night as you might receive messages from the Gods.

The fourth work is complete and you should experience some things over the month. Accept everything as an opportunity to improve yourself and your life. Give your best to overcome all the challenges knowing that you will be rewarded.

You are now ready to take the initiation which will be available in August (or whenever you finish this work). Since the initiation is something very serious and what comes after it even more serious and deep, it will not be posted here, but sent to you by email (for free, of course) in pdf. In order to receive it, you need to send an email to with a summary of your experiences for the first, second, third, and fourth rituals. You just need to talk about the experiences you had and transformations you went through, if you have already experienced any. This is to prove you followed the necessary steps to the initiation and further works with Lilith and the Qliphotic Realm. You can request it in August or as soon as you finish this work. Ideally, you should wait until more information is posted here next month, so you can know in details what to expect from the initiation.

To access the previous rituals click HERE.

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See you!

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