Fifth work: Initiation

August, 2022 (or any other time you find this post)

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You have been working with Lilith and the Draconian Forces for four months now. You have contacted the Goddess and other Draconian Beings. Now, it is time for your first initiation.

When you go through an initiation, you achieve new levels of consciouness as well as open new channels in yourself that allow to you to dive deeply into the Draconian Mysteries. However, since this is a life and self changing experience, you need to be tuned to the qliphothic energies first, by doing this step by step, until yourself is harmonized with them and you are strong enough to face and overcome the challenges this path creates as well as being ready to use and apply the power it offers, wisely.

An initiation also gives you more authority in the spiritual world and drives you close to the Gods and Goddesses, doing the opposite, too. One takes many initiations along the path, getting stronger each time they do so. You may see an initiation as a portal to a new phase in your journey. You may feel the differences right away or after a while. Usually, the transformations take place in your subconscious mind, emerging from it little by little.

This is our first initiation. After you are initiated, you will receive exclusive month works that will allow to climb the Tree of Death safely and effectively under Lilith’s guidance. For those who are not taking the initiation yet, different month works will continue to be posted here, as it has been so far.

Since the Draconian path is disruptive, for a good reason, if you take an initiation without preparation and perform deep works, you will not have enough spiritual strength to deal with it, so it may “swallow” you instead of helping you. It is not that the Draconian Beings are evil, it is only that the Chaos is very powerful and we need to approach it wisely. For this reason, in order to receive the initiation, whenever you feel like doing so, you need to send us a short report relating a little bit of your experiences for each one of the previous four works. After this, you will receive the material with the instructions for your self-initiation.

You should contact me by email:

Be sure to tell your name, age, country, and means to contact you.

Ho Dragon. Ho Megas!

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