Sixth work: Lilith, the Liberator

(For those who went or will go through the initiation that took place on the 5th work, this ritual is optional. You can perform only the rite sent to your email)

This ritual can be done at any time, but for those working consistently with us, it can be performed between the 14th to 19th of September.

Note: Lilith is the liberator of all oppression. For milenia, we have lived in an oppressor patriarchal society. Time has come to break it down. We need and deserve to live in an equal world where all gender manifestations are free and respected. As a child of Lilith, you can help our Mother to achieve this goal.

For this work, we will work with Lilith, the Liberator. We base our work on the myth of Lilith as the first wife of Adam (from the myth of the Garden of Eden). While Eve represents the submissive wife, Lilith is the woman who refused to lie under her husband and demanded equal rights and position. As this did not come to pass, she blasphemed the secret name of god (Tetragrammaton) and fled from the Garden to the desert of the Red Sea where she later became the Queen of Hell.

This myth shows us the ideology of the Left Hand Path, mainly the Draconian Current, which defends equality and respect to all people regardless of their sex, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, etc. It is time, beloved ones, to create the Garden of Lilith on Earth.

Days 1, 2, 3

On the first 3 days, we will both contact Lilith and study some things about Feminism, a path that definitely pleases our Goddess. If you dislike Feminism, you have the chance to understand it better and know how good it really is to our societies.

Ritual: Looking at the sigil of Lilith (shown below), focus your attention on it and desire to connect with the Goddess. When you feel at ease, recite her enn 13 times, while still gazing at the sigil: Marag, Ama, Lilith, Rimog, Samalo, Naamah.

She will be aware of you. You can talk to her and ask her guidance to help you learn what you will study next, or you can simply stay in silence. However, be sure to have the intent to be empowered, to increase your self-esteem/love/confidence. Right after the invocation, you should start studying the materials for each day.

Day 1: Watch this TED talk video on Feminism: “We should all be feminists” | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | TEDxEuston:

Day 2: Watch the following short video about “Why feminism needs men- and men need feminism” by Nikki van der Gaag (TEDxLSHTM):

Day 3: Read this short text “Why feminism is good for your health” by Carreño Miguel et al.:,well%2Dbeing%2C%20especially%20children.


Documentary in Spanish (documental en español) “Mujeres que cambian el mundo- Guerreras digitales” por DW Documental:

Documentary in Portuguese (documentário em português) “O que as feministas realmente querem?- Dia 1- Live especial” por Brasil Paralelo:

Day 4, 5

For the 5th and 6th days, you will perform an invocation inviting Lilith to your life. We will use a material by Asenath Mason (Temple of Ascending Flame). The invocation is short, it does not require any material, and you find the step by step on the file itself.

Ritual of Lilith:

Day 6

On the 6th and last day, you will invoke and thank Lilith for everything, and do something for Feminism. To start, you can either perform the Ritual of Lilith from the two previous day or create a ritual yourself. Make it meaningful to you. At the end of the ceremony, you take some time to thank Lilith. Let feelings of gratitude and admiration emerge from within you. Use your own words to exalt her.

Then, if possible, you should offer something to her, this can be your orgasm (the sensation, not the liquid), a candle, some drops of your blood (you drip down some drops on the sigil and burn it), you can eat or drink something you like and offer the sensation to her (you do this by eating or drinking something with all your attention focused on the its taste and desire to offer it to Lilith), etc.

Action: Now, you should do something to change the patriarchal society. This can be by following some pages on the topic, donating money to feminist movements, etc. Most important, if you belong to any gender that is subject of oppression,  empower yourself and do not be submissive to any oppressive system or person. If you belong to any other gender (or none) do the same and fight to combat all forms of gender inequality.

See you next month.

Hail Lilith!

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