Seventh work- Pact with Lilith

Making a pact with Lilith may really change your life depending on what you are looking for. Mistakengly, many people think the Goddess only provides help with sexual work, however, just as Lucifer, she is a Mighty Entity being able to work in any area you may think of, be it material or spiritual. So whatever you wonder if Lilith can help you with, the answer is YES.

Basically, to make the pact, you need to have a desire that you can’t otherwise fulfill. If you can solve it with one magical ritual, simply do it without needing the pact. Then, you need to think of what you will give in return to the Goddess (anything expect your soul). This is a deal through which both parts have duties and benefits.

There are many things you can offer to Lilith, but if you are in doubt or unsure, simply ask her what she would like in return, and think if you can do it. As stated above, it is a deal, dialogue is a way to make it.


If you work with Lilith regularly, start preparing for the pact a week before, if you don’t, try to take a month to get close to her. This is necessary to create a connection with her and guarantee your pact will be received.

How to proceed?

1- Every single day, take her sigil (such as the one below) and recite her mantra, either out loud or in your head, and call her to be present in your life. Mantra: “Marag Ama Lilith Rimog Samalo Naamah” (you can use another one if you want to).

2- On the last day (of the week or month, or whenever you feel ready) go to a place where you will be undisturbed. Prepare the space as you think it is appropriate. Whatever you do, you will need the sigil.

3- Looking at the sigil, recite the mantra until you feel Lilith is present. If you do not feel anything, you can stop after no more than 5 or 10 minutes. To add power to this, you can pour some drops of your blood on the sigil and visualize it being charged by it, then pulsating with a dark red light. This should be done before the mantra recitation.

4- Talk to Lilith about what you want. Be very clear about your desire, just do not state how you want it to happen since this is the Goddess duty, be sure she will find the best way to deliver your desire. Also, state what you will give in exchange or ask her what she would like to receive.

5- After this, ask her if she accepts your deal. Close your eyes and stay in silence for a moment. Lilith may reply you immediately, even though the answer is more likely to come at a later time. If she answers immediately, simply thank her, declare you accept her conditions (in case you do), and say when you intend to perform the pact ceremony. Do the same if she responds later. If she does not accept your offer or ask for something you are not willing to give, try to offer something different. You both can come to an agreement.



On the day of the ceremony, spend the day thinking of Lilith, try to be as close to her as possible. For the ritual, you will need:

-Lilith sigil;

-A glass filled with a drink you like (wine, water, juice, etc.);

-A sharp object to prick your finger;

-Your pact written on a piece of paper (you can write before the ceremony or during it. On it, you should write what Lilith will do for you and what you will do for her. Make it as a contract);

-Additional and optional materials: red and/or black candles, incense.


1- Relax and empty your mind. You can perform a kundalini meditation if you want to (you find one HERE).

2- Visualize a circle of fire surrounding you and your space. This circle is not to keep Lilith outside, since we do not proceed like this, but to keep unwanted energies and beings away. When you visualize it, focus on this intent or state it out loud.

3- Perform the Circle of Power ritual. This is a simple technique to call for Gods and Goddess to assist you and protect your space. You find this ritual by clicking HERE.

4- Focus your attention on the sigil. At this moment, you can pour two or three drops of your blood on it (also on the drink). If you do it or not, recite the mantra again until you feel Lilith is present.

5- Take the sacrament (the drink), offer to her and drink it, feeling it spreading throughout your whole body and soul and filling them with Lilith’s essence.

6- Read the pact slowly focusing on your intent. If you did not write it before, write it at this moment, then read it. When you finish reading, write down the date you are making the pact, sign your name and Lilith’s. You can use magical ink or mix a little bit of your blood with the ink, or simple use an ordinary pen.

7- As an offer to Lilith, masturbate and dedicate your orgasm to her. To do this, you simply need to masturbate while reciting her mantra. When you reach orgasm, you focus on her with the intention to dedicate the sensation to her.

8- To finish, you can ask her to teach you a way to contact her, in case you do not have one yet. Then, thank her for being present and accepting your pact. After this, you can either keep the pact (hidden from anyone) or burn it. It is up to you.

P.S.: Lilith will guide you mostly through your intuition. Whenever you feel a strong desire to do something, to go somewhere… pay attention to it and do it as you feel like doing it. Any doubt or problem you might have, just contact her and ask for guidance.

NOTE: A pact with Lilith is not necessary to receive her assistance. It should only be made when you need something more complex and difficult to be achieved.

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